Nokia D1C Phone Specifications & Release Date

After a stunning Nokia 6 and its successful start, former mobile giant Nokia is rumored to release another Android smartphone in the second quarter of 2017. If you haven’t noticed Nokia 6, then you are recommended to have a look.

Nokia 6 which is Nokia’s first and latest Android smartphone is already doing great in China. This proves that Nokia is back again in the Smartphone market, as we just got another news that Nokia is preparing for another device which is named as D1C.

As per latest news and rumors, Nokia D1C is coming very soon. So, if you are one of the big fans of Nokia and re eagerly waiting for it then let me ensure that this is going to make a huge difference in the market. Here in this post I will let you know about Nokia D1C phone Specification and the probable release d1c

And make sure if you should wait for it or not; know what Nokia D1C phone would be getting. And if it comes to your requirement then you can wait for it. The release date of this Nokia device will also reveal in this article.

So, let’s know what Nokia is preparing with their upcoming Nokia D1C and when it is going to be released.

Expected Features of Nokia D1C Phone:

Nokia D1C is going to be a budget friendly smartphone or as per its features, this might come with a much cheaper price compared to Nokia 6. But rumor says this is going to have remarkable features in affordable price. Well without wasting more time, let us go into more depth about Nokia D1C.

Let’s check out expected features of Nokia D1C:

Design: Nokia D1C would get a 5” display hence, it’s dimension going to be standard. With full metal-body and little sharp corner, the device would have an updated design of Lumia series. This device is expected to weigh around 160g, which is slightly heavy compared to most devices. Nokia D1C would have three color variants as Grey, Black, and White.

Display: Full-HD is the major priority for most smartphone buyers, and Nokia is featuring a Full-HD IPS display in Nokia D1C smartphone. The display would sport 401ppi bright and sharp display. This rumors hints a great deal for the Nokia lovers as of its price. As the display type is IPS, Nokia D1C would have a better screen viewing angle. It also would be protected by Gorilla Glass 3 to protect your device from accidental fall and scratches.

Processor: There is no chance for Nokia D1C to have a mediocre processor. Despite, Nokia D1C will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 chipset. With Cortex A53 Octa Core 1.4GHz processor, this Nokia device will give great performance in an affordable price. As of Nokia 6, Nokia will try to compete with almost all the current market dominator, and they have shown that already with their last release.

Graphics: For better gaming and video rendering graphics matters a lot. Nokia D1C will have an Adreno 505 graphic. This graphic is mostly used in mid-range and higher range smartphone; so, you can expect what its performance will be.

RAM: RAM is a big concern for a smartphone buyer. Nokia D1C should have a 3GB RAM for better multitasking. However, this is just a rumor, as some news says this Nokia device would have a 2GB RAM. But I think they will come with a 3GB RAM, as of the overwhelming market competition.

Camera: Nokia D1C would have a 16MP primary camera; this should give a decent result in terms of picture quality. For selfie you would have an 8MP front camera, here again, Nokia would give a satisfaction in the camera segment too. There is no selfie flash for a low light selfie. The camera will feature 2.0 aperture and dual LED flash for crispy pictures in a low-light condition. Despite this; all basic camera feature would be there such as HDR mode, ISO control, Digital Zoom, Tap focus, auto focus, and much more.

Battery: Nokia D1C would be powered by a 3000mAh battery, as of full-metal body design, the battery wouldn’t be removable. Don’t bother with 3000mAh; this should give you a whole day battery life with moderated usage. Nokia D1C wouldn’t feature fast charging, however, at this point, it is fair.

Fingerprint Sensor:  Unfortunately, fingerprint would not be featured in upcoming Nokia phone. It will be a great deal if Nokia comes with a fingerprint sensor for better security.

Other Sensors: All basic sensors like proximity, g-sensor, and ambient sensor all expected to be featured on the Nokia D1C.

Nokia D1C release date and expected Price: 

Nokia D1C has been on the news for the last few months, and the latest news suggested that the Nokia D1C will be releasing in the first week of March 2017. This has already gained a vast attention among online users, as of the features pack and pricing.

As I have mentioned before Nokia’s upcoming device would be a budget friendly model. It is expected to cost around $180. But till now there is no official announcement from Nokia so we cannot confirm it as of now.

However, as of most rumors and reports we can expect the above mentioned Nokia D1C phone specification and release date. It is expected to be released in China like Nokia 6 but would be released globally within the month of March, this year.

Nokia D1C would be worth waiting for if you are looking for a reliable device over Chinese devices. As of design, performance, better camera Nokia D1C is going to be a good deal within an affordable segment. At around $180, this would give a tight competition for its competitors.

So this was all about Nokia’s upcoming smartphone the Nokia D1C phone and all about its specification, expected release date and price prediction.

I hope you have found this helpful so make up your mind whether to wait for it or not. If you want any more information that I have missed, then you can add a comment below.